Four Ingredients For Digital Marketing Success

Techniques that should be included in your digital marketing strategy.

Why 4?

  • - Number 4 is the number of stability, order and completion of justice
  • - Number 4 is the number of the earth and mankind.
  • - Number 4 is the number of the square.
  • - Number 4 symbolizes building a strong foundation.
  • - There are four cardinal points: North – South – East – West
  • - There are four winds.
  • - There are four phases of the moon.
  • - There are four seasons.
  • - In the West we have four elements: earth – air – fire – water.
  • - Number 4 – A Perfect Number
  • - The Pythagoreans believed the number four, the Tetrad, was a perfect number.
  • - In Pythagorean philosophy there are four parts to the soul: mind – opinion – science – sense

Most brands implement an 'internet marketing strategy' to mainly generate more revenue. In today's world the consumer has made advertising much more difficult to reach a connection. Who want's to be advertised to? Brands now have to come up with different ways to entertain, educate their audience in addition of marketing to them. The consumer needs to feel value in an offer and if they don’t well then they are less likely to follow or purchase from your brand. This is where SEO is a key player in this factor. SEO will help differentiate your brand from other competitors or the masses.

The secret sauce in digital marketing contains various forms of advertising. You should be considering various tactics to milk as much out of those marketing campaigns for that ROI.

Below are the 4 things I believe should be at the core of your digital marketing strategy.


Social Media Existence

Profiles can be a great tool to use to build relationships with your prospects & customers. Most of us today will be these platforms so having a presence allows them to interact with you and your brand. This also acts like a 24 hour hot-line support line so be prepared to respond in a timely manor if prospects interact with your brand, this builds trust quickly… trust. The more engagement you give on social media the more loyal your audience will become. Again SEO plays a major roll in the social media world. More on SEO visit 'The Pro's of SEO for Marketing'.


I do, Brand Marriage

Relationships are important as the connections you make. Take time to cater to your connections because if not the are less likely to help you if you only connect when you need something. To ensure your connections are not feeling used share their work or content on your social channels or even your other digital marketing assists such as blog or website.


Retargeted Ads

Ads, the old fashion go-to strategy for PPC. This is obvious way to get products and services out to the masses who are most interested in your type of business. These will display on sites your audience visits after vesting yours. Think of it as a reminder for them which also drives traffic back to your digital marketing websites


E=MC2 | E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

E-mail, most of use can't live without this invention. We all get SO MUCH in a 24 hour period and we will only open ones that are most interesting to us. Because of this you need to re-think your approach when you establish an e-mail marketing campaign. Make sure your e-mails are very interesting and highly significant to the reader. Make sure you do some research on your target audience so you can ensure your e-mail list will have a high open rate or CTR since the content will be specific to A,B,C. No one want's e-mails they can care less about. Learn more about ABM (account based marketing).

When your 4 powers combine you will have a very quick and powerful marketing strategy you can build on moving forward.

In Pythagorean philosophy there are four parts to the soul: mind – opinion – science – sense"